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Welcome to Village Home Store

Established for over 30 years in the Cheshire village of Culcheth we have a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of DIY products. We also have 'hard to find' products that may not appear on our website.

OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm (EXCEPT Wednesday is 5pm - for historical reasons)
OPEN: Saturday 9am to 5pm
(with thanks to Dennis Grundy for telling us we had forgotten to put these on!)

PLEASE call us on 01925 766766 to discuss what you are looking for, if it is in stock and whether we can deliver/ship it to you.

WEB CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship items over 1 metre long (or tall or wide) or 0ver 10KG for £5. Sadly we our website host doesn't have the technical capability to assess each item and determine whether delivery is possible or not. This will lead to disappointments for which we apologise in advance.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: Our website carries 40,000 products stocked at our wholesaler not in our store which is only 1200 square feet i.e. tiny. Please phone us on 01925 766766 to see if what you want is in the shop.
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